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旭山動物園のライオンカップル「オリトとイオ」、三つ子の親となる Asahiyama Zoo's lion couple Orito and Io become parents of triplets

旭山動物園のライオンカップル「オリトとイオ」、三つ子の親となる 美男美女ライオン「オリト」と「イオ」の間に、待望の赤ちゃん誕生!

最近、興味深いと思った動物は、北海道の旭日川市にある旭山動物園のライオンカップル「オリト」と「イオ」である。「オリト」は、2018年8月に、1才1カ月齢で、群馬県の桐生が岡動物園から、旭山動物園にやってきたイケメンライオン。イオは 愛媛県立とべ動物園(砥部町上原町)で2020年6月に生まれたお転婆美女ライオンで、2021年8月、繁殖のため、北海道旭川市の旭山動物園にやってきた。2022年4月から、オリトとイオは同居。5月には繁殖行動が確認され、イオは、8月25日から一般公開されず、出産準備にはいっていた。



I love animals. My dream is to visit famous zoos around the world. I also have a list of zoos I want to visit. "Zurich Zoo" in Switzerland, "Henry Doorly Zoo" in Omaha, USA, "Leipzig Zoo" in Germany, "Schönbrunn Zoo" in Vienna, Austria, etc. However, in reality, I am so busy with my daily life that it is difficult for me to leave Tokyo. That's why I enjoy watching animal videos on YouTube without sleeping.

An animal I recently found interesting is the lion couple "Orito" and "Io" at Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. "Orito" is a handsome lion who came to Asahiyama Zoo from Kiryugaoka Zoo in Gunma Prefecture in August 2018 at the age of 1 year and 1 month. Io is a tomboy beauty lion born in June 2020 at Ehime Prefectural Tobe Zoo (Uehara-cho, Tobe-cho), and in August 2021, came to Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido for breeding. From April 2022, Orito and Io will be living together. Breeding behavior was confirmed in May, and Io was not open to the public from August 25, and was preparing to give birth. Then, on September 12, 2022, around 6 am, she gave birth safely. At the time of birth, the adult number was unknown, but on October 1st, Asahiyama Zoo announced the birth of triplets on its official website.

As the lion is the king of beasts, more caution is required in coupling. In February 2021, at the Nihondaira Zoo in Shizuoka, estrous behavior was seen between the popular lioness Match (14 years old) and the male lion Gil (3 years old), showing each other's bellies. Sono decided that it was time to move in together, and removed the partition. In the case of Orito and Io, after living together, Orito immediately took an interest in Io, but Io was wary of him. However, Orito did not deter Io from being hostile, and patiently kept his distance until Io showed interest in him, and waited until Io liked him. At first, the couple, who had kept their distance from each other, became aware of each other as the opposite sex, and the process of nurturing love is just like human love, which is interesting and heartwarming. Orito's appearance has clearly changed as a result of becoming Io's partner and parent. When he started living with Io, he looked dull and dull, but now he's a brave and handsome man, and you can even feel the dignity of the king of beasts. Io is also a beautiful lion, so the triplets must be good looking.

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